Preparation for Ordination in schools of Vajrayana

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Preparation for Ordination in schools of Vajrayana

Post by Dharmasherab » Fri Dec 08, 2017 9:13 pm

I am making this thread more on behalf of an online group and its potential members who would be Vajrayana Buddhists rather than myself.

When I mean 'Vajrayana Buddhism' I mean the following -
  • Nyingma
  • Kagyu
  • Sakya
  • Gelug
  • Jonang
  • Bon
  • Shingon
  • Newar Buddhism
  • Azhaliism
  • Ari Gaing
Suggestions/advise/ideas on any of the the schools/sects will be welcome.

The questions is how to best prepare as a lay Buddhist in one’s practice prior to ordaining in the Vajrayana schools of Buddhism?

It is about collecting all types of ideas on how to best prepare as a lay Buddhist before making the decision of ordaining as a monastic as well as a lay ordained member in Vajrayana schools with a view to making that a lifetime commitment (and not a trial). It is also about how to optimise one’s practice as a Buddhist before making the decision to ordain in different Vajrayana schools.

I hope to share these ideas with the online group because we are a group looking for all types of advice and suggestions for ordination and the way to prepare for ordination in Vajrayana schools will be of great benefit. But even otherwise people who are are thinking of ordaining in Vajrayana schools in this forum might find the comments helpful.

I am aware there could be Vajrayana monastics/priests/lay-ordained members who are highly aware of the difference between the lay life and monastic life and I will be very thankful for their advice. I can also appreciate there could be lay Vajrayana Buddhists who are already optimizing themselves before ordination and I will be thankful for their tips and suggestions too.

Names of books, documents, websites, links to web articles and videos will be highly appreciated (as long as their within the boundaries of ToS).

Thank you.

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