the way of ahimsa; Digambara and Svetambara
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Māllīnātha (Prakrit Mālliṇātha, "Lord of jasmine or seat") was the 19th tīrthaṅkara "ford-maker" of the present avasarpiṇī age in Jainism. Jain texts indicate Mālliṇāha was born at Mithila into the Ikshvaku dynasty to King Kumbha and Queen Prajâvatî. Tīrthaṅkara Māllīnātha lived for over 56,000 years, out of which 54,800 years less six days, was with omniscience (Kevala Jnana).

According to the Digambara tradition, Mallinatha was a son born in a royal family, and worships Mallinatha as a male. However, the Svetambara tradition of Jainism rejects this, and states that Māllīnātha was female.

Most Jains are in the Svetambara sect. It's interesting that they have a re-discoverer of the Dharma who was female. All forms of Buddhism believe that only a male can be a samma-sam-buddha.

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