Ajitnath Bhagwan

the way of ahimsa; Digambara and Svetambara
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Ajitnath Bhagwan

Post by DNS » Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:27 pm

Ajitnath Bhagwan was the second tirthankar of this Avsarpinikaal. Ajitnath Bhagwan was born to King Jitashatru and Queen Vijaya at Ayodhya. His place of Nirvaan is Sammetshikhar. His symbol is elephant. The counting of Bhav (births) starts after gaining Samyak Darshan. Ajithnath took 3 bhavs to attain liberation. The bhav in which he attained Samayak Darshan is described below. There was a king named Vimalvahan of Sushimanagar.

Once an acharya named Aridhman arrived in the town. King visits the acharaya and asks him a question. He asks,”What inspired you to take Diksa?” Acharaya narrates an incident about his life where he saw a garden full of flowers trees and life. The garden was full of flora and beauty. It was so beautiful the one could sit for hours in that garden. After a few days when the Acharaya again passed from that place, he saw that the garden was destroyed and nothing was left in it. He realized that our body is also the same and nothing will remain. Continuous life and death will give no benefit and so to stop this cycle, diksha is the only way out. King Vimalvahan attained Samyak Darshan after hearing this from Acharaya and later goes on to become our 2nd Tirthankar as Bhagwan Ajitnath.

He had 94 Gandhar and his topic of first sermon was Dharma Dhyan. He preaches about the importance of Dharma Dhyan and there are four ways by which it can be done. Namely, Agya-vichay, Apay-vichay, Vipak-vichay, Sansthan-Vichay.


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