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Post by Riju » Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:54 pm

A serial in our Indian TV is going on regarding the above subject and I found it very interesting.

Participants are Vishnu- Brahma- Shiva with their consorts.
They are all involved in expansion of CREATION.
And Love creates a very complicated problem.

Each of these consorts are created out of the body of these gods.
And they are to be perfect couples.

Men will have no powers and women will have all the powers.
But if the women uses these powers against her man and if he is harmed , both wil suffer,
And if she supports her man they both grow together. And vice versa.

It is the unity between man and his consort that makes them great.

The problem arises when Shiva's wife Parvati goes to her fathers Yagna (religious gathering ) , but She is not invited by her
father.Shiva was against her going uninvited. The reason is that father does not like Shiva and His ways of living and the father hates the idea of Shiva attending the function. Here Parvati feels insulted when her husband is criticised in the gathering and in anger and frustration she burns herself. Subsequently she takes the birth as Sati in lower realm. Shiva is incomplete without Sati.
Brahma and Vishnu goad Shiva to rescue Sati. But Shiva dares not.
The problem Shiva is facing is that if He goes down after Sati, He will lose his way in this dark world and lakhs of His devotees will become directionless. So everybody loses and goes down in fractions.
And if He does not go down then He remains in higher plane almost incomplete compared to Vishnu and Brahma.

What should He do ? Let me see next part on TV today and comment on it.

We all have come down and fractured into men and women and got also mixed in sexes.
Shiva knows that he needs to Love Sati and sacrifice for her. But He dares not.
We were ignorant and we jumped down for our consorts. Now we will meet them in parts or further fracture ourselves.

At least there is a big lesson. If you are a man your growth depends upon your partner if she helps and is cooperative. Otherwise breakaway. And if you have children, stay and suffer till they are adults.
And if you are a woman,then either grow together or break away before you have children.

And without love, marriage and then sex , you will stay put like Shiva has been doing in higher realm and will have no chance of growing even if you meditate day in day out.

But the funny thing is that Lotus sutra has a way for you and also for Shiva to grow even in these situations.

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Re: Love-woman-man-sex

Post by Riju » Fri May 01, 2020 3:53 am

Summary of yesterday's episode......

Shiva has the WISDOM.
Parvati /Sati has all the shaktis (powers).
Together they can grow and otherwise both will fall.
All ready Parvati made her first mistake, She disobeyed Shiva and went to her father's house assuming that she has full rights in her father's house . She went without her father's invitation. As a result she and Shiva are insulted in presence of the gathering. This made Parvati very angry. And in anger and ignorane she destroyed the father's house because of her shakti. It was a big negative karma.
Subsequently she is born as Sati with the same father in lower Loka (world /plane) . As a result she parted away from Shiva .

Now both Shiva and Sati (Parvati) have a problem.

Today's episode..............
Sati wants to go back to Shiva. Father refuses permission and a tussle starts between them.
So she prays to Shiva to help her. Shiva tells her that He is bound by karmas and He cannot help her.
Sati out of ignorance feels that Shiva does not love her in return and this is His excuse. So she gets angry and goes back to her father that she now will marry as per her father's wish. So her father selects another boy for her marriage.

So now Shiva knows that the problem will get aggravated if she marries another person, He also knows that Sati is ignorant .
Sati thinks that Shiva does not love her in return. So in this episode Shiva uses a method to remove Sati's ignorance.
This makes Sati realise her mistake ...........contd.

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Re: Love-woman-man-sex

Post by Riju » Wed May 06, 2020 2:00 pm

Ultimately Shiva is successful in marrying her. He does that by meditation and WISDOM . He is plenty of that in Him.
Then He is successful in bringing His wife to his abode in higher plane. Next He is successful in giving Sati the glimpses of Her Shakti. And all the gods are happy and hopeful that Shiva and Sati together will achieve the aim.

But in the end Sati gets involved in Her illogical emotions and loses the aim and life as well. All the effort is wasted.
The final lesson for us that it is very difficult to find a man and woman matching combination and get married. And if this happens in our case (chance one in million), then there will happen a million chances for the marriage to fail. This method is once for all rejected for rising in life.

I find that ascending is only possible through Lotus sutra.

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