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Empowered Jade

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I attended an Emei qigong seminar several years ago where I purchased an empowered jade. It is a special piece of jade that is empowered over 49 days by the Emei grandmaster with special chants and symbols. It is quite a magical object. You can keep it under your pillow when you sleep and it will help to heal any illnesses or issues. Often I can feel my body vibrating when the jade is working on me. There is one method that I really enjoy: using the jade to clear energy. One can stand 6 ft away from the jade and then visualize sending the negative energy within them toward the jade, which neutralizes the negative energy. The jade then takes the energy to a special dimension where it can no longer harm anyone.

This statement from the Emei website describes this method: "This potent self-healing method can be used to address physiological illness, emotional upheavals and psychological illnesses, and illnesses that have a karmic root or whose root cannot be determined. It does not merely reduce symptoms and suppress an illness temporarily. It eradicates illness at its energetic root and transfers it to an Empowered Object, which neutralizes the diseased energy information."

There is a workbook that can be purchased that describes how one can work with the jade for self cultivation and healing. The jade can also help one to improve their internal qi cultivation and increase their personal healing capabilities. The jade can also be used to heal pets, plants, trees, etc., and it can be placed under a container of water to produce special qigong water that helps to heal illnesses and helps to dissolve negative energy. The empowered jade is quite expensive @ $400, but it is worth the money. It can help to cure many illnesses and issues. It can help to extract negative energy from one's energy field, and this negative energy won't return, because the jade actually takes the energy away for good. I have used the jade to heal plants and trees. We noticed that one tree in our backyard had very poor fruit and so I started using the jade on it every day for 20-30 minute treatments. I just laid the jade at the foot of the tree every day. The next season, the tree was beautiful, with tons of good fruit; it was a total transformation. The jade could transform your life or the life of a loved one. It has greatly helped my life. I have no personal interest or financial interest in the jade; I am just sharing this because the jade has helped me so much, I want people to know that this method for healing illnesses and dissolving negative energy is out there.

To buy an empowered jade, it is listed as "empowered large jade". To buy a workbook that tells you how to work with the jade, it is listed as "the healing arts of emei qigong level 1 workbook" here:


I also highly recommend the "emei sacred mantra and healing sounds cd." which is listed on the same website. It saved my life for a year. It contains sounds that stimulate the chi flow for each organ and also contains the sacred healing mantra. The workbook is invaluable to purchase along with the jade and cd for an ideal combination of healing tools. If one can't afford the jade, the healing sounds CD and the workbook can be purchased together for $60 total which will provide you with very effective tools to fight illness, strengthen each organ system of the body, and strengthen the overall health of the body, mind, and spirit.

Here is the emei qigong website for more information about Emei qigong.
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Re: Empowered Jade

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The lineage of teachers looks impressive, hope it remains a healing group & does not become a money making concern.
May all seek, find and follow the Path of Buddhas.
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