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Living and practicing the Dhamma as a householder, among family and friends.
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Nightly Review

Post by Nicholas » Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:45 am

Pythagoras advised aspirants to practice this, I think I have seen it in Buddhism too. Here is Swami Yogananda on this valuable nightly practice:
Each worldly person, moralist, spiritual aspirant, and yogi—like a devotee — should every night before retiring ask his intuition whether his spiritual faculties or his physical inclinations of temptation won the day's battles between good and bad habits; temperance and greed; between self-control and lust; honest desire for necessary money and inordinate craving for gold; forgiveness and anger; joy and grief; moroseness and pleasantness; kindness and cruelty; selfishness and unselfishness; understanding and jealousy; bravery and cowardice; confidence and fear; faith and doubt; humbleness and pride; desire to commune with God in meditation and the restless urge for worldly activities; spiritual and material desires; divine ecstasy and sensory perceptions; soul consciousness and egoity.
Wholesome virtuous behavior progressively leads to the foremost. -- Buddha

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