the great vegetarian debate

Nonviolent expressions of the Dharma, vegetarian debate
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Re: the great vegetarian debate

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Hidden meat items in processed foods:

Solution, if you're vegetarian or vegan is to try to mostly eat whole foods, not processed packaged foods.
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Re: the great vegetarian debate

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I think we should all be eating a diet of pure Ahimsa, and practicing pure Ahimsa in every part of our lives. If everyone were doing that, the world would be a better place now. Yet the world is in a harmful condition these days, and it is difficult for even some of the most Ahimsa bearing and purest people to maintain vegeterian diets because of the evils of this world. When conditions permit, everyone should go on an animal-free diet, it is not Buddhist to enslave and kill animals for food. The world is a complicated place but if we all work together to make it better, drastic changes can be made to stop the horrific animal extinctions and torture going on in slaughterhouses. The less meat one consumes the better, and it is a wonderful and neccessary thing for anyone to embrace an animal-free diet if they can. If circumstances permit that they cannot fully, or even partially, then they should do their best to change or overcome those circumstances, because Truth and Love are the definite things we are striving for in Spiritual Life, and it is nonsensical to say that hurting others and animal killing has nothing to do with Spiritual Realization. Spiritual Realization is based off of Metta, off of compassion, off of Love, so if one wants to fully grow as a Spiritual person and attain Enlightenment they will have to live as purely as possible. Therefore if it is morally possible and applicable for one not to eat meat, they should not. That is my opinion.
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