Buddhism and gender equality are incompatible ideologies

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Buddhism and gender equality are incompatible ideologies

Post by Friedrich » Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:57 pm

A religious Buddhist cannot advocate for gender equality, as the Buddha himself (blessed be the arahant) was strongly against women's rights.

In Dhammapada Verses 349 and 350, the Buddha uttered Verses (349) and (350) of this book, with reference to a young bhikkhu, who was a skilful archer in one of his previous existences.
Once a young bhikkhu took his alms-food in one of the shelters specially built for bhikkhus in town. After his meal he felt like drinking water. So he went to a house and asked for some drinking water, and a young woman came out to give him some water. As soon as this young woman saw the young bhikkhu she fell in love with him. Wishing to entice him, she invited the young bhikkhu to come to her house whenever he felt thirsty. After some time, she invited him to her house for alms-food. On that day, she told him that they had everything they could wish for in the house, but that there was no male to look after their affairs, etc. Hearing those words, the young bhikkhu took the hint and he soon found himself to be more and more attached to the young, attractive woman. He became very much dissatisfied with his life as a bhikkhu and was getting thin. Other bhikkhus reported about him to the Buddha.

The Buddha called the young bhikkhu to his presence and said to him, "My son, listen to me. This young woman will be your undoing just as she had been to you in a previous existence. In one of your previous existences you were a very skilful archer and she was your wife. On one occasion, while the two of you were travelling, you came upon a gang of highwaymen. She fell in love with the gang leader. So, while you and the gang leader were engaged in fighting and you called out to her to give you the sword, she gave the sword to the robber who promptly killed you. Thus, she was the cause of your death. Now, too, she will be the cause of your ruin if you go after her and leave my Order for her sake."
The implications regarding women's inferior past karma are clear. Centuries later, the Judeo-Christian identification of women with evil in fact echoed that previously established by the Buddha himself (blessed be the arahant).

Of more interest, the Buddha (blessed be the arahant) also said in the Aparimitayur Sutra that there will never be a female Buddha because of the inferior nature of women. Women must achieve "enough merit to be a man", be born as men and then become Buddha.
In the chapter on enlightenment in his Bodhisattva-Bhumi, Asanga maintains that women cannot be enlightened,since all of them possess by nature (prakyrya) numerous affiicting emotions and a weak understanding, and as such cannot reach enlightenment.

In describing the Bodhisattvas' practice during three immeasurable eons (asankhyeya) before they can become Buddhas, Asanga explains that after passing beyond the first immeasurable eon, the Bodhisattvas abandon womanly existence and are no longer born as women.
See: http://www.academia.edu/3717089/Can_Wom ... _Practices

Any attempts by pseudo-Buddhist "feminists" to refute the above are (1) apologism and (2) indications that one has strayed from the path of the Dhamma and the true teachings of the Buddha (blessed be the arahant).

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Re: Buddhism and gender equality are incompatible ideologies

Post by Nicholas » Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:13 pm

However reluctant Buddha was to consider women, generally speaking, as having the same merit & spiritual potential as men, he did eventually open the sangha to them. Many became and can today, become arhats & bodhisattvas, it is just that they have to work much harder and longer - again generally speaking.
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