There are gods, miracles do happen - Ajahn Brahmavamso

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There are gods, miracles do happen - Ajahn Brahmavamso

Post by Lucas Oliveira » Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:45 am

There are gods, miracles do happen - Ajahn Brahmavamso

A personal experience

I can tell you another story, a personal experience of mine in recent times. The Buddhist Society of Western Australia was getting ready for Vesak Celebrations one day.

Preparations got underway to hold open air celebrations in the night on Vesak day at a Central location in Perth. With just a few days to go we got to hear that the weather forecast was not good for Vesak day and night. It was forecasted that there would be severe storms.

As the days closed in the people who got together to organize the show were very doubtful of going ahead. Many requests came to me as president of the Buddhist Society of Perth to cancel it.

Continued faith

We had invited the Prime Minister to come as a special invitee amongst many other special guests. There were many calls asking me whether it would not be cancelled. But I continued to have faith.

Though people were surprised at my resolution, I decided to go ahead with the celebration despite the requests to cancel it from many quarters.

The day dawned with very cloudy skies. As the day advanced the conditions did not improve. It started to rain heavily and continued on to the evening. We heard over the news that the weather conditions were quite bad in surrounding areas as well.

It was worse than what the forecasts also predicted. However as night time advanced, and it was approaching to the time that we wanted to commence the celebrations the storm ceased and the sky cleared as if by magic. The full moon came out in all its splendour and illuminated the scene of the celebrations.

Vesak celebration

All those who gathered there that day had a most peaceful and serene Vesak celebration. Perfect weather prevailed until the celebrations were over and everyone went away to their homes. Thereafter the storm recommenced. And we got to know that even during the time of the celebration the storm had been raging in the surrounding areas.

I know that this miracle was aided with the help of the Devathas, who enabled us to have the Vesak Celebrations without any hindrance.

Therefore it is not a lie that Gods do exist, and they do assist the pure followers of the Dhamma.

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Re: There are gods, miracles do happen - Ajahn Brahmavamso

Post by dharmastudent » Mon Mar 02, 2020 12:20 am

I definitely believe the story in the link at the bottom about the American meeting the deceased King Rama I. I have witnessed otherworldly phenomenon firsthand. I almost had a mental breakdown I was so floored by what I saw, because it wasn't physically possible. Very few people would be ready for this kind of thing IMO. I just saw this quote by Dzongsar Khentse Rinpoche: "We want our guru to be shaped like us and to like the same love songs we do. On the other hand, we want our guru to be exceptional and sublime— but not too exceptional or too sublime. If the guru had three eyes, we wouldn’t know how to handle that."

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Re: There are gods, miracles do happen - Ajahn Brahmavamso

Post by Nicholas » Mon Mar 02, 2020 4:55 pm

Thanks for that Lucas. I had heard about the King Rama I (who died in 1809) appearance before, but the Vesak blessing was new.
Not every unusual phenomena is caused by devas though. Some Buddhists have siddhis or powers which they usually do not talk about. Master Hsuan Hua (see my avatar) was one.
May all seek, find and follow the Path of selflessness.

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