James Morgan Pryse (d. 1942)

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James Morgan Pryse (d. 1942)

Post by Nicholas » Mon Oct 21, 2019 10:13 pm

An American mystic, printer for HP Blavatsky, psychic and esotericist:

A Paraphrase of the "Lord's Prayer"

Thou Self Divine, whose heavenly throne
Outshines the sun in visioned splendor,
O hear me reverently intone
Thy Name with accent low and tender;
And let that Name, thus breathed, set free
The Power that wafts my soul to thee.

Let gleaming solar forces weave
My royal robe of light supernal;
Triumphant, may I then receive
The promised crown of life eternal.
And thus within thy realm regain
My right with thee fore'er to reign.

While yet my soul must meekly wear
Its mortal vesture, dark and lowly,
Unwearied may I strive with care
To do on earth thy Will most holy,
That here below thy boundless love
Undimmed may shine from heaven above.

O give me now the power sublime
To read fair Wisdom's wondrous pages:
Unhindered then by space and time
My soul would haste, through fleeting ages,
With thee among the Gods to dine
On Wisdom's hallowed bread and wine.
From his Restored New Testament
May all seek, find and follow the Path of selflessness.

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