Carlos Castaneda and Shamanism

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Lucas Oliveira
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Carlos Castaneda and Shamanism

Post by Lucas Oliveira » Sat Nov 19, 2016 2:17 pm


You are about to enter an area of ​​human knowledge that presents a conception of man and the universe completely different from that which you have traditionally known and accepted.

The origin of this knowledge is attributed to the Toltecs, an indigenous people who inhabited the central part of Mexico in very remote times.

*** Unless he is mistaken, Don Juan gives a different meaning to the term Toltec, a witching and non-anthropological sense, referring to it as meaning the "man of knowledge."

These indigenous people existed perhaps hundreds or thousands of years before the arrival of the Spaniards to America.

Their knowledge was passed from generation to generation, among small groups, formed by people who, because of their discipline, were known as warriors.

That in turn was guided in this knowledge by a called leader of the Nagual.

It was a Yaqui Indian named Don Juan Matus, who lived distinctly in Sonora, Oaxaca and Tula, who revealed this knowledge to an anthropologist named Carlos Castaneda.

Don Juan was the leader, the nagual of his generation of warriors.

Carlos Castaneda was the social scientist who from his academic knowledge, completely Westernized, initially believed to be dealing with an uncultured and overlapping Indian.

Until through the direct experience of Toltec concepts he understands that such knowledge is so real that he decides to reveal it.

Carlos Castaneda during his apprenticeship with Don Juan had to go through several stages ranging from the complete denial of such possibilities to the full conviction that such possibilities were real and true facts.

There are two ways in which Carlos Castaneda makes us partakers of his discoveries. Through the twelve books written over thirty years and through a series of seminars where they are taught a series of movements called Tensegrity or Magic Passes.

In the first seminars Carlos Castaneda called this CHANGE he gave Toltec knowledge as a NEW TRACK.

In this NEW TRACK it has nothing to do with the experimentation of power plants. Current practitioners must adopt new procedures, different from those adopted in their earlier books.

This knowledge could be framed as mysterious.

Some would call it shamanism, others of witchcraft, but perhaps the concept that could give us an understanding of it would be to regard it as the knowledge of the peculiarities of our ATTENTION.

We do not take full advantage of our ATTENTION. What we come to discover in the depths of this knowledge is that our ATTENTION, can encompass more than we imagine.

There are many concepts in this knowledge. We can cite some as the internal dialogue focused on the self-reflection of the self, the internal silence to counter this reflection, Lurks, "Dream", other perceptual realities, etc ...

But the common element we find in all concepts is the concept of ATTENTION.

Our ATENTION mourns or weakens when the mental process we know as thoughts, only focuses on certain elements of our present way of life (the satisfaction of our desires and the continuous exaltation of the ego).

Another of the elements that decisively influences our current way of perceiving is that our ATTENTION requires more ENERGY to be able to perceive other realities that exist and that are possible for the human being.

Perhaps another way of describing this knowledge is that Toltec knowledge is the DISCIPLINE OF ATTENTION and its practitioners are the warriors of ATTENTION.

A human with a low level of ATTENTION can only focus on self-reflection, while another with a higher level of ATTENTION can focus on other particularities of his existence.

The awakening of the potentialities of our ATTENTION can scare us and not be pleasant to many.

We are educated in a set of pre-established values ​​and it is normal for the unknown to generate fear.

We can say that this knowledge allows TWO alternatives to those who follow it.

First, those people who follow the premises of the "warrior path", a whole set of rules of conduct and practice Tensegrity, thus being able to redistribute and store energy, which will allow them to live a fuller, more productive life with more inner peace. Following the path of the warrior does not imply having any kind of unknown perception, for in themselves they are not enough.

Second: For those who have decided to go further and explore the peculiarities of our ATTENTION and therefore, have to regard this discipline as a way of life, where it is necessary to make a lot of efforts, like following the "way of the warrior" Perform the recapitulation, execute the magic passes, save the sexual energy, save the energy that is expended in our compulsive emotional reactions, permanently try the inner silence and be determined to face the unknown.

This second alternative requires total discipline, a tenacity of steel, endless patience, and as Don Juan would say, "temper of steel." And even if we follow all these prerequisites there is no guarantee that we will achieve some kind of perception different from the usual ones. Perhaps the end point to be able to achieve the perception of other realities is IMPECABILITY that has to be an indispensable norm of conduct in this way.

Finally, this path promotes physical and mental well-being. If after knowing a little or a lot of this knowledge someone feels that he should not follow it, then do not do it. What less people need is an obsession that causes them problems or mental damage.

Text originally in Spanish extracted from an unknown author's website.

Source: ... aneda.html
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Re: Carlos Castaneda and Shamanism

Post by PuerAzaelis » Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:08 am

This kind of thing was 100% what got me interested in the materials that eventually led to Dharma. I guess if you like Castenada, ok, but to my knowledge a real attempt to understand the shamanic perspective hasn't ever been integrated with dharma. I know this wasn't what you were getting at OP.
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Re: Carlos Castaneda and Shamanism

Post by Mantrik » Mon Sep 24, 2018 6:45 pm

PuerAzaelis wrote:
Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:08 am
This kind of thing was 100% what got me interested in the materials that eventually led to Dharma. I guess if you like Castenada, ok, but to my knowledge a real attempt to understand the shamanic perspective hasn't ever been integrated with dharma. I know this wasn't what you were getting at OP.
Castaneda wrote pure fiction. His behaviour is also well documented and reminds me of several cults.
For a synergy of Buddhadharma and Shamanism of course one must examine countries where both exist within the culture - Mongolia, Tibetan and Nepal etc. In Mongolia I know of families with both Lamas and Shamans. It is perfectly possible for a shaman to be a Buddhist, with that Refuge. Working with spirits does not preclude Refuge of course, and calling on Dharmapalas such as Mahakapa, working with Garuda for healing, using the melong and phurba - so much is shared.

I think we can safely leave the S American and N American cultures to their own medicine traditions and not slap the inappropriate label of 'shamanism' on them. It is just lazy modern parlance and misused mainly by those selling their wares in the spiritual marketplace, including hordes of fakers providing drug tourism as 'ayahuasca tourism'.

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