Too many boards?

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Too many boards?

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Given that this forum is just starting, may I suggest that there are far too many boards? To get discussions going, you need a critical amount of viewers on any particular board. By splitting up the topics so finely, people are isolated, and discussions can't get going. That then leads to people not being interested in posting new posts or participating generally.

As a new user, I see, for example, that most boards have the last post as of several weeks ago. That seems to me like it's unlikely that if I posted a post, that I would get much of a response. That does not encourage me.

Having so many boards is fine if there is a huge amount of traffic, but right now that seems to be hampering, rather than helping, the growth of this forum.

Just my $0.02.
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Re: Too many boards?

Post by DNS »

Thanks for the suggestion. A lot of the different boards were suggested by the initial membership and then a lot of them moved away. The focus of the forum on multiple paths has led to the high number of sub-forums. Another issue is that this forum invites concord between traditions and unfortunately many people prefer the debating style formats of more specific traditions and hammering out the differences within a specific tradition.

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