the way of the Elders
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Post by Nicholas » Fri Oct 20, 2017 6:04 pm

Not as well known to the general public as the Dhammapada, but is longer (over 1100 verses) and more profound in places. There may be around ten? versions in English now. The latest being Bhikkhu Bodhi's huge version that includes the traditional commentary.

Well worth reading and pondering on! Many well-known suttas are found here, for example the Ratana Sutta:
Whatever treasure there be either here or in the other world, or whatever precious jewel is in the heavenly worlds, yet there is none comparable with the Tathāgata. This precious jewel is in the Buddha. By this truth may there be peace!
Verse from: Saddhatissa translation
Wholesome virtuous behavior progressively leads to the foremost. -- Buddha

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