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Theravadin Resource Guide

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Theravadin Resource Guide

The goal of the Theravadin Resource Guide is to produce an easy reference directory of Theravadin and Early Buddhism resources on the internet. Where there is practical application to the Theravadin practitioner, Mahayana based links will be included. It is the compiler's hopes that this resource will include many contributions by other members of the site and thus any bias on my part will be minimized, however it is inevitable that some bias towards resources will remain, and for that I apologise.

Please let me know if any links are dead, or have moved. Also if you feel there is a website that should be added to the Resource Guide, please just let me know here in this thread or via pm. The Resource guide will be periodically updated to include new websites and or fix/remove dead links.

Dhamma search engine
  • Google Saffron - Theravada search engine, searching Dhamma pages across the web for the information you need.
Tipitaka and Discourse
  • Access to Insight - Large collection of English translations of Suttas, and many essays from esteemed Buddhist writers.
  • Sutta Central - A fantastic site including collections of translations of Suttas, not just of the Pali Canon but also of the Chinese Agamas, Sanskrit and the Tibetan texts, of great interest is the inclusion of suggestion of parallels between Pali suttas and their Agama counterparts. Now includes access to the Vinaya pitakas.
  • Metta net - Includes a work in progress translation of the Tipitaka, articles by Buddhist writers and information on Sri Lankan Buddhism.
  • Wikipitaka - A wiki based work in progress translation of the Tipitaka, currently over 700 suttas have been translated.
  • - Online Burmese Tipitaka in Pali, various scripts, includes a very thorough exposition on "the gist" of the Tipitaka.
  • eTipitaka quotation - Well organised online Pali tipitaka of the 6th Buddhist council
  • Pali Text Society Translations downloads - Large parts of the Tipitaka available online, PTS translations
  • Buddha Vacana - Quite a number of suttas available translated from the pali, also resources for learning pali.
  • Pali - Another good translation project. Contains many suttas from the Canon translated by Ariya Zhong, Chris Burke & Alonso Martinez.
General Dhamma
  • Buddhanet - Buddhist information network, contains an e-library, info on meditation audio, magazine, and directory of Buddhist centres
  • Aimwell - The Association for Insight Meditation website is run by Venerable Bhikkhu Pesala, and contains all his own works free for reproduction, translations and expositions of several important suttas, as well as a variety of works by esteemed Mahasi lineage teachers. Bhante is currently transfering his content to a new website.
  • Beyond the Net - Beyond the net is another great site for resources, it has a lot of audio, e books, and teachings by various Sri Lankan monks, as well as some stuff by Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi. Highly recommended
  • - Ven. Thanissaro's website - Don't let the name fool you, this website has much more than just Dhamma talks by Ven. Thanissaro, various ebooks are also available on site, including anthologies by Ven. Thanissaro, but also Dhamma talks by Forest Ajahns, various Ajahn [auto]biographies, the BMC (for ordained members) and a variety of other Dhamma related goodies. Thoroughly recommended.
  • - Burmese Buddhist mega site (in english, of course) contains a hefty lot of Dhamma related materials
  • Nibbanam Dhamma portal- Nibbanam is a resource portal, kind of similar to this, but an actual website with fancy javascript and all kinds of goodies including a great wee intro video with replete with gongs and chanting! You're bound to find a few things that are missing here, especially german resources.
  • Bhavana Society - Bhavana Society website, the home of Bhante G(unaratana). Many resources available here, including information on how to get to the centre, ordination, audio, ebooks - Including his well known title 'Mindfulness in Plain English', all sorts of good stuff!
  • Sadhu Dhamma directory - Sadhu Dhamma directory is a Dhamma directory run and maintained by Dhammawheel member Dmytro, he has worked hard to make the list very inclusive, and it has many good links that are not yet available here, so it is well worth checking out.

Specific Dhamma
  • The Nibbana Sermons - Venerable Nyanananda's revolutionary Nibbana Sermons have struck a chord with Theravadin practitioners across the globe, receiving praise at large - especially here at Dhamma Wheel.
  • Forest Sangha Publications - Forest Sangha Publications are dedicated to the free distribution of Ajahn Chah and disciples teachings, you can access audio and ebooks on site, or request to be sent out hard copies to your address.
  • Nanavira Thera Dhamma page - An existential approach to the Dhamma. Ven. Nyanavira was an English monk who lived in Sri Lanka, he wrote a book entitled Notes on Dhamma which he intended to provide certain clarifications on the Suttas, especially because he considered the commentarial 'Mahavihara' tradition to have made some serious errors in their interpretations of important doctrinal points such as Paticcasamupada and Sankhara. It is certainly an interesting and rewarding read for those who are intrigued by different approaches to Dependent Origination than the commentarial edition, the website has recently received an huge overhaul.
  • Path Press blog/website -Website and blog of the Path Press, established by Samanera Bodhesako as an organisation to disseminate the writings of Ven. Nyanavira Thera, it has since grown into a vehicle for the Nyanavirian message, the website contains various essays, articles a few translations of Suttas e.g. the Atthakavaga of the Sutta Nipata, Ven. Nyanamoli Thera's original draft of his Majjhima Nikaya translation and also (and quite importantly) the writings of Ven. Samanera Bodhesako.
  • Ian Andrew's recommendations and reading list - Dhamma Wheel member IanAnd gives us an important list of doctrinal points and Dhamma books to further one's understanding.
  • Michael Kewley's Dhamma site - Dhamma-site of teacher Michael Kewley, includes audio, video and a good bio

Dhamma E-books
  • What-Buddha-Taught - Extensive collection of e books from contemporary meditation masters and Dhamma teachers
  • BuddhaSasana - Hidden in the recesses of Buddhanet is this hefty collection of articles and e-books on Dhamma and meditation, well deserved of it's own description.
  • Buddhist Publication Society - Well known and highly regarded, the Buddhist Publication Society founded in 1958 has been a bastion of light in producing Buddhist texts for the world at large, the website has a broad library of online reading material available including much of their 'The Wheel' and 'Bodhi leaves' Buddhist Journals.
  • Forest Dhamma books - E-library of the writings of Luang Por Maha Boowa
  • Santipada - A collection of Bhante Sujato's books available for download in epub/pdf or order of paperback.
  • Holybooks - Buddhism -Holybooks is an ebook repository and has a decent Buddhism section.
Dhamma audio
  • Dharma Seed - Dharma seed has been around since the 1980's providing talks by way of tapes and cds, with the advent of the internet they have brought a vast amount of Dhamma talks online, specializing in Vipassana.
  • - A large collection of talks given by various teachers within the Thai Forest tradition in the Ajahn Chah lineage
  • Buddhist Society of Western Australia - The BSWA has an abundant supply of Dhammatalks given by Ajahn Brahmavamso and fellow monks and nuns residing at Bodhinyana and Dhammasara forest monasteries
  • Audiodharma - Talks given by Gil Fronsdal, and guest speakers at the Insight meditation centre in Redwood City, California
  • Ven. Thanissaro Bhikkhu @ - A website dedicated to talks given by Ven. Thanissaro Bhikkhu, also includes books and essays
  • Birken collection - Birken Forest Monastery are maintaining a collection of over 3000 Dhamma talks (over 45gb) available for download at their website
  • Dhammaweb - Site featuring talks from the Burmese and Thai traditions, many in Burmese, but also many in English, good source of some hard to find talks.
  • Bhavana Society - Talks given by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana (of Mindfulness in plain English renown)
  • Aruno - Talks given by Ajahn Munindo, Ajahn Abhinando and Ajahn Puñño from Aruna Ratanagiri
  • Introduction to Buddhism - Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi delivers 10 lectures as an introduction to Buddhism
  • Majjhima Nikaya lectures - Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi delivers lectures on the Majjhima Nikaya (the middle length discourses) of the Pali Canon.
  • Ayya Khema Dhamma talks - Talks by the wonderful Ayya Khema. She is a brilliant orator, and her talks are available on the website for download, including a torrent for the entire 7.6 gigs of the site.
  • Bhavana Society's Dhamma talks - Talks given at the Bhavana Society. Many talks by Bhante Gunaratana of 'Mindfulness in plain english' fame.

  • Dhammatube - Dhammatube has an wide range of Dhamma-video available for viewing on Youtube, Google video and Veoh.
  • Dhammaweb video database - In a similar refrain to their audio section, Dhammaweb bring a collection of Dhamma videos from various speakers.
  • BBC: The Life of the Buddha - An inspiring documentary on the early life of the Buddha by the BBC.
Important Dhamma-wheel topics Dhamma encyclopedias and wikipedia pages of note News and Journalism
  • Buddhist - The Buddhist Channel is a news source website for news articles that relate to Buddhism or present news stories from a Buddhist angle.
  • Tricycle - Tricycle is perhaps one of the most well known Buddhist publications, bringing you all manner of articles on faith and practice, and life in general from both Mahayanic and Theravadin perspectives.
  • The Buddha Dharma Quarterly - The Buddha Dharma is the online edition of the quarterly magazine produced by Shambala (Tibetan) but intended for a general Buddhist audience, while many articles are written from a Mahayana perspective there is quite a lot of valuable general Buddhist content contained within.
Dhamma Apps for Android & iOS
  • Insight Timer (Android - Free version), Insight Timer (Apple iOS - Free version) - Insight Timer is a great app for using while meditating, it has some beautiful bell sounds to start and end the session, and there can be interval bells too the time and length of which you can adjust for each. It is very multifaceted, collecting metrics on your meditation sessions e.g. graphs on time over days, weeks, months. Longest time spent meditating, average session length etc. It also has a social aspect, one which a number of us here at DW use.
  • Access To Insight (Android), Access To Insight (Apple iOS) - Access To Insight comes to your mobile device in offline mode, allowing you to access all of the Sutta translations, articles, essays and books available on the website using your Android or iOS device. A Brilliant app for when you've run out of data or outside the range of a wifi point.
  • Buddhist chant 1 (Android) - This App has Pali Sutta chanting, 17 in all, includes the text with the audio so you can chant along too. Contains all the common Pujas, no parittas as of yet it would seem, see the link for full list.
Dhamma blogs
  • Theravadin - Blog by an anonymous practitioner, a lot of good stuff crops up here
  • Sujato's Blog - Venerable Sujato's blog, posts on reform of Theravada and Bhikkhuni ordination
  • Bhikkhu's blog - Blog by Ajahn Punnadhammo, covers a wide range of issues
  • Path press blog - Blog of the Path Press, includes the writings of Ven. Nanavira Thera, Ven. Bodhisako and Sister Vajira.
  • Dhamma Musings - Blog of Ven. Shravasti Dhammika, a long standing and well known monk, he is an author of serveral books on Buddhism.
  • Genkaku again - Adam Genkaku Fisher's blog, Dhammawheel member and Zen practitioner since ages ago.
  • Jayarava's Raves - Jayarava is a member of the Triratna Buddhist order (formerly FWBO) he has knowledge of pali, and a very strong interest in Dhamma, especially with how it fits into our modern world.

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Re: Theravadin Resource Guide

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I may have missed it above, but here is a free book or PDF/e-pub on Nibbāna and other essence teachings. This site provides other free Dhamma teachings:
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