Aspirational prayers

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Aspirational prayers

Post by Nicholas » Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:34 pm

A big anthology of prayers from all Buddhist traditions: ... hology.pdf
Wholesome virtuous behavior progressively leads to the foremost. -- Buddha

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Re: Aspirational prayers

Post by Nicholas » Sat Aug 18, 2018 10:15 pm

Recently a detailed commentary on Nagarjuna's text came out - Practical Ethics and Profound Emptiness - A Commentary on Nagarjuna’s Precious Garland by Khensur Jampa Tegchok

Here is a famous Mahayana aspiration from that Precious Garland:
465 Therefore in the presence of an image
Or reliquary or something else
Say these twenty stanzas
Three times every day:

466 Going for refuge with all forms of respect
To the Buddhas, excellent Doctrine,
Supreme Community and Bodhisattvas,
I bow down to all that is worthy of honour.

467 From all sins I will turn away
And thoroughly maintain all virtues,
I will admire all the merits
Of all embodied beings.

468 With bowed head and clasped hands
I petition the perfect Buddhas
To turn the wheel of doctrine and remain
As long as beings transmigrate.

469 Through the merit of having done all this and through
The merit that I have done and that I will do
May all sentient beings aspire
To the highest enlightenment.

470 May all sentient beings have all the stainless
Powers, freedom from all conditions of non-leisure,
Freedom of action
And good livelihood.

471 May all embodied beings
Have jewels in their hands and may
All the limitless necessities of life remain
Unconsumed as long as there is cyclic existence.

472 May all beings always be
[Born] as superior humans,
May all embodied beings have
Wisdom and the support [of ethics].

473 May embodied beings have a good complexion,
Good physique, great beauty, a pleasant appearance,
Freedom from disease,
Power and long life.

474 May all be skilled in the means [to extinguish
Suffering], and have liberation from it,
Absorption in the Three Jewels,
And the great wealth of Buddha's doctrine.

475 May they be adorned with love, compassion, joy,
Even-mindedness [devoid of] the afflictions,
Giving, ethics, patience, effort,
Concentration and wisdom.

476 May they have the brilliant major and minor marks [of a Buddha]
From having finally completed the two collections [of merit and wisdom]
And may they cross without interruption
The ten inconceivable stages.

477 May I also be adorned completely
With those and all other good qualities,
Be freed from all defects and possess
Superior love for all sentient beings.

478 May I perfect all the virtues
For which all embodied beings hope
And may I always relieve
The sufferings of all sentient beings.

479 May those beings in all worlds
Who are distressed through fear
Become entirely fearless
Through merely hearing my name.

480 Through seeing or thinking of me
Or only hearing my name may beings attain great joy,
Naturalness free from error,
Definiteness toward complete enlightenment,

481 And the five clairvoyances
Throughout their continuum of lives.
May I ever in all ways bring
Help and happiness to all sentient beings.

482 May I always without harm
Simultaneously stop
All beings in all worlds
Who wish to commit sins.

483 May I always be an object of enjoyment
For all sentient beings according to their wish
And without interference as are the earth,
Water, fire, wind, medicine and forests.

484 May I be as dear to sentient beings as their
Own life and may they be very dear to me,
May their sins fructify for me
And all my virtues for them.

485 As long as any sentient being
Anywhere has not been liberated,
May I remain [in the world] for his sake
Even though I have attained enlightenment.
Wholesome virtuous behavior progressively leads to the foremost. -- Buddha

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