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Post by Nicholas » Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:48 pm

There is a higher or philosophical sort of Occultism. Cyril Scott explains a little...
The very word occult, while it attracts some, repels
others: it suggests mystery-mongering, secret societies
and activities that are not "above board.” It has,
in addition, become associated with charlatans;
tricksters, cheap fortune-tellers and other undesirable
persons. But the cause of this does not lie in the
nature of Occultism itself but in the nature of the
public mind which, hearing only about the evil side
of what is not even true but only pseudo occultism,
imagines there is no good side to it at all.

Even the Higher Occultism is no miraculous panacea for human
weaknesses: therefore it has naturally failed to cure many
of its adherents of their shortcomings. On the contrary,
because Occultism is among other things an
intellectual cult, many members of its various schools
and societies have become inflated with self-
importance; they have wallowed in the immense
satisfaction of considering themselves advanced.
Others have placed far too much credence in occult
teachings or phenomena merely because they are
occult, instead of using those judicious critical
faculties necessary to the weighing of all evidence.
Worse than this, however, has been the opposite
policy of rejecting all statements, books, doctrines,
teaching, etc., unless they have emanated or been
sanctioned by one particular leader or teacher. This
policy is, of course, an aspect of that personality worship
which has often proved such a stumblingblock
to progress. People who worship a person
place undue credence in what he or she may teach,
say or give out. Thus eventually the conviction
is bom that such and such a thing must be true
merely because the leader has said so.
An Outline of Modern Occultism
May all seek, find and follow the Path of selflessness.

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