Buddhism cant give moksha ever

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Buddhism cant give moksha ever

Post by KaliKula » Tue Oct 01, 2019 3:30 am

this is criticism against buddhism from hindu pov.I dont want to be disrespectful of any dharma.but I will be stern and blunt.

First vipassana,celibacy and vegeterianism are adharmic and will hinder moksha.The Sacral cakra is called the seat of Shakti in Yoga. And sexual energy is linked to kundalini energy. Vegan-vegetarianism and celibacy are about attacking the sacral chakra and making it dangerous and nearly impossible to actually awaken the kundalini energy and lead it up it the spine.you will thus never achieve liberation. Flesh wich was eaten by the vedic people was brought to stimulate the energy of the lower chakras especially the sacral chakra its interesting to note that the eating of meat is stated in the Tantric Yogic texts to help give more power to the subtle body and its ability to express power into and through the physical body. Its also designed to build a more powerful body that can handle the stronger flow of life force. Some texts mention that vegetarianism purposely weakens the sacral chakra in order to lower the sexual power which is the life force or shakti(another name of devi is kundalini in the sahasranama). The sacral chakra is given great importance as the seat of creative potential. Its called the seat of Shakti because this is the chakra where the entrance to the sushumna nadi is located and part of. Weakening this chakra weakens the ability of the Kundalini to travel upwards. The original Ayurveda texts call meat the Sattvic form of food meaning the most powerful. Kundalini yoga was part of the practices of the Raja class and they eat meat normally. Sexual activity is part of the original eightfold path the practices around such relate to making this chakra powerful with SEXUAL ENERGY and using this to open the door to the sushumna. Vegetarianism is to weaken the process of Kundalini yoga and to weaken the person.Vegeterianism causes infertility and lowers the drive to a very low level saturated fats wich create cholesterol to have fertile eggs and a sex drive for males.the other reason the act of ascending Kundalini energy is shown as intercourse between two people is because this also does this It creates a powerful energy loop thought the spine's of both partners up the spine and out the head activating and flowing energy into the chakra's and nadis to raise the power.
the yogis and sadhus the rsis had used courtesans or temple prostitution on holy days to ascend this.this is in vedic era scriptures.MAITHUNA is one the five Makars known as PANCHAMAKARA or called as 5 M,s the other being Madya(Wine),Mamsa(Meat),Matsya(Fish),Mudra(Gesture)..This are often extreme tantric methods often called left hand practices or vamacharya and were not practiced by common but only a few selected ones and in medieval times they were practiced secretly.

As said Maithuna means Sexual Union and it is the highest level in Shkakti Sadhana.The main purpose of this sadhana was to awaken the Kundalini and lift it up through 5 stages to the shahashra when its great union is achieved with the Parama Shiva.With the union both the couple loses consciousness of the material world and becomes one and together feels and meditate the cosmic union of shiva and shakti that lead to the creation of Universe.

The main meaning of such practices are to feel to the sexual and spiritual union of Shiva with Shakti that gave birth to the universe. The god Shiva is seen as the embodiment of pure consciousness and his consort, the goddess Shakti, as the embodiment of pure energy. Together they represent human existence in an erotic act of love that is a unifying, balancing, creative force.

Maithuna shouldn't be confused with normal routine sex. as Maithuna requires lots of practice and meditation to channelize the energy into a proper direction to feel the spiritual bliss.There are step by step procedure that should be followed and it should be free from lust.Many consider it as a secret science.

celibacy causes neurotic mind and depression.it leads to build up of frustration and anger.

immortality and becoming a God is literally the alchemical union of the serpent lilith(kundalini,one of her 1000 names in the lalita sahasranama)energy at the base of the spine with shivam at the crown chakra.when this is done one gets all immortlity,omniscience and magic powers .

In Hinduism the Goddess who rules the Sri Yantra the most important yantra in Kundalini Yoga and represents the cosmic axis of Meru, is the Goddess Lalita who is Lilith further west. In Sanskrit the vowels are interchangeable the LLT can be Lalita, Lilutu or Lilith. Both rule the crown chakra. Lilith means lily or lotus the thousand crown lotus. Lalita rules the crown chakra in Hinduism. Lalita's consort is Shiva and the Sri Yantra is the union of both principals into the transformed soul. The Kali form of Lalita is pure force of the serpent energy as it transforms the soul and this form also rules the 50 petals that make up the chakras or alphabet letters that form the body of the Goddess which are the chakras in Yoga as well.

Lalita is given the title Kameshvari and Shiva is given the title of Kameswara which both relate the fulfilment of desire which is Kama and this relates to the inner alchemical sexual union of the chakras, the symbol of the Sri Yantra, which raises the kundalini serpent and transforms the chakras of the human soul into and takes one across the ocean of mortality to the Shivarupa Samadhi the Magnum Opus the immortal state, the form of Shiva.

Buddhism the only being that makes any sense is Mara. He is the god of desire and fulfilments of material existence. Buddha just states have no desire's so that the energy of the elements that forms you will dissipate so when you die the psychic aspects of the elements will fizzle out on the astral and you will cease to exist as its desire that holds them together and gives them meaning. As Buddhism preaches you have no soul, no Atman. Thus you don't actually exist as a soul consciousness. What you perceive as yourself is illusion. Your just a recycling of five elements nothing else. When you realize this deeply its suppose to cause a psychic wave that releases the power of the elements causing the dissolution of existence upon your death. This is the meaning of enlightenment in Buddhism.

Mara is the god of existence.
Theravada Buddhism is stated to be the original sect and doctrine of Buddhism. What is obvious is there is a lot of talk about Buddhism and its becoming the new trendy trends but they don't Really know that liberation is extinction

Its simple Buddhism states existence is suffering and suffering has an end which sums up its four noble "truths." Which sums up the whole system.

Suffering is existence....what is the opposite of existence? Extinction, what does Nirvana : Extinction

Buddhism states there is no soul nor eternal I or self. The person is a collection of only five aggravates or elemental forces of a consciousness that simply reform into each new incarnation according to what karma has ripened a restacking of the same deck. These forces are held together by a karmic glue and desire is what causes karma to continue on and solidify the aggravates together keeping one in the wheel of suffering which is existence.

The Buddhist meditation system is basically void mediation and nothing else. Its a form of introspection that allows one to trace the roots of desire and dismantle them within the psyche. So that eventually when they die. The five aggravates will dissipate and they will cease to exist and become totally extinct. This is obtainment of Nirvana which means extinction.

Buddhism states the biggest illusion and desire that causes one to stay in the cycle of existence thus life. Is the belief one has a soul an eternal I that goes on. Enlightenment in Buddhism is totally accepting the ridiculous belief that there is no self and one does not exist. Ones existence as a self is maya. This belief acceptance is believed to be the switch hit that dissolves the karmic bonds totally and allows for them to reach total Extinction, Nirvana upon death.

Now the Buddhist system furthered laid down the following.

The science of mantra and astrology was banned. And the practices of Yoga where also banned from being taught. The original eight fold path which survived in Tantra which is the esoteric knowledge of the Veda. Was replaced by the Jain eight fold path. Which leads to nowhere except cessation adn going extinct.

The Tantra texts uniformly agree Mantra is the number one most important tool for enlightenment which Buddhism by order removes

Maya is originally the Goddess that represents the Shakti energy that manifests all existance. One can note the Tantric role of Shiva and Shakti is simply Shakti is the vibration of energy and Shiva is the consciouness the form of the vibration, the two are one. The forms of existance are very real and have very real differences and social structures based on this forms matter and have thus real meaning. Humans evolve thought different states and forms to the ulimate form of their destiny is to take this includes racial differences. The ancient Sanatana Dharma was against racial mixing as well. And that the Brahman is simply the causeless element all forms manifest from and thus form is connected into the cause. Physical reality is thus not a lie its the form of spiritual reality as the two are one the material world is the manifestation of the astral form of the world. Thus all the forms that exist are soul forms. This includes the individual soul. To understand the need for spiritual practice one must understand the nature of the soul and body and why they have to be untied.

Tantra taught the individual is to become Shiva a physically perfected being a literal Deva with all the Siddhi's. Thought the practice of the Kundalini Yoga. Tantra's warn people about the lie of adi Shankaracara and that he was a deceiver sent here to destroy the true teachings. That perfecting the soul is perfecting the body as the two form and reflect the same form. The astral aspect and the physical aspect.


infinity and infinite regress.buddhist scholars say that there are not only an infinite number of beings,but that samsara has no end,wich is illogical seeing linearity.

they also say that there is infinite regress or that every cause is caused by another cause so there is no creator or beginning.this makes no sence.buddhists also say that for this reason there is no adi buddha,because each buddha must have a prediction from a previous one to become a buddha.infinite regress.this is just incomprehensible.
a supersoul creator exists wich is the uncaused cause wich is a logical neccesity to explain any phenemena or existance,we are one in essence emanated from Her ,and we shall return thereto at the end of time and all beings will become enlightened seeing logical linearity.

Samsara is just a play like a theatre and has an end and beginning.logically.

in my opinion,Kali is the superbeing from wich all conscious entities have their existance stated,but she will draw all beings unto herself since she is benevolent and will grant moksha to all entities.she is the only person.

the problem of evil can be explained in that logically good and its opposite exist and Godess contains all of it,and that its all theatre and a play,since God contains all possible realities logically.

all possible realities will logicallty be expressed.in a phenomonal world this will appear very logical .
everything that begins to exist has a cause.keyword on begins to exist,as there must be a uncaused cause to explain existance at all.we know that the universe began to exist,because matter degrades over time through the second law of thermodynamics,a material universe could never be eternal.all cosmologists agree the universe began to exist.

Now as the cause of space and time this being must be a uncaused timeless spaceless immaterial being of unfathomable power,morever it must be personal aswell.why?well,first of all, because this event must be beyond space and time it cannot be physical or material.now there are only two things wich fit that description either abstract objects like numbers or an intelligent mind,but abstract objects can’t cause anything,therefore it follows that the cause of the universe is a personal transcendant being.secondely,how could a timeless cause give birth to a to a temporal effect like the universe if the cause were a impersonal set of neccassery conditions then the cause could never exist without its effect if the cause were permanentely present then the effect would be permanentely present aswell,the only way for the cause to be timeless and the effect to begin in time is for the cause to be a personal agent who freely chooses to create thiat event in time without any antecedent determining conditions and thus we are brought to not only a transcendant cause but to its personal Creatress

while consciousness is a mystery,it seems more likely that one hypostasis exists and not multiple infinity of them that were uncreated and are dharmic monad entities like theravadans say.even if you believe there are multiple hypostasis,they should atleast be intertwined in substance.buddhism denies any essence of consciousness,that would debunk impermanence and anatmaan

kali is the only hypostasis in shakti dharma.I am kali,you are too

Third,NDES and Yogis stealing bodies

Veridical ndes,astral travel and Yogis stealing bodies of dead people on the pyre kind of rules out the 5 skandhas theory,some tibetan tantrics can even steal the body of a young living student.this proves citta exist.

Namaste and praanam

discussion welcome .no disrespect wished.this is what keeps me from buddhism

Hindu and baudha moksa cant be further opposed

Last Emptiness or shunyata othing exists.this is insane and illogical

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https://dharmawheel.net/viewtopic.php?t=28234 https://dhammawheel.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=33710

most baudha dont know what baudha teach.Nibbana is cessation of all awareness.nonabiding nirvana is a myth and adharmic in baudha.annata teaches that the mind is born,lives and totaly dies every part of a second.no essence or energy or anything to keep you going.so actually awareness comes from nothing.the teaching that a essence exists wich is formless and gives rise to form and consciousness therein,is heretical in baudha.even the self schools dont teach this.

paticcasamutpada means there is infinite regress to samsara and phenomena.no original beginning.

emptiness literally believes nothing exists.

annata teaches that consciousness is born,lives and totaly dies without a trace completely essentially and Esotericaly every part of a second,and then comes into being again from nothing.there is no essence wich creates awareness,or can continue this whatsoever.to believe there is a unchanging substance to anything is very adharmic.vijnana has its origins in the 5 skandhas wich dont actually exist,due to sunyata.they come into being thru karmic forces

all concepts like annata,praticasamutpada,nirvana as extinction,sunyata are mutually dependant compeltely.if one falls,all of them fall.definately.

I just wanted to clarify this.many people come into buddhism and are given papanca but not core doctrine.

the pali canon is clear on all of what has been written.read it.

many buddhists dont believe what buddha taught to his arahants in the scripts.this sid eu to poor education.many learned buddhists dont know what baudha actually teaches.so much papanca is given.the teachings of baudha are VERY simple to understand.

many buddhists actually have hindu or new age doctrines.this isnt what dhamma taught

we must teach what buddhism teaches.we must make this faith clear.too many baudha dont know buddhism.they follow other religions and they don't realize core ideas wich are wrong view and hinder enligthenent,wich is complete total extinction without a trace in any form.

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