what buddhism truly teaches

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what buddhism truly teaches

Post by KaliKula » Tue Oct 01, 2019 3:42 am

Nibbana is cessation of all awareness.nonabiding nirvana is a myth and adharmic in baudha.annata teaches that the mind is born,lives and totaly dies every part of a second.no essence or energy or anything to keep you going.so actually awareness comes from nothing.the teaching that a essence exists wich is formless and gives rise to form and consciousness therein,is heretical in baudha.even the self schools dont teach this.

paticcasamutpada means there is infinite regress to samsara and phenomena.no original beginning.

emptiness literally believes nothing exists.

annata teaches that consciousness is born,lives and totaly dies without a trace completely essentially and Esotericaly every part of a second,and then comes into being again from nothing.there is no essence wich creates awareness,or can continue this whatsoever.to believe there is a unchanging substance to anything is very adharmic.vijnana has its origins in the 5 skandhas wich dont actually exist,due to sunyata.they come into being thru karmic forces

all concepts like annata,praticasamutpada,nirvana as extinction,sunyata are mutually dependant compeltely.if one falls,all of them fall.

I just wanted to clarify this.many people come into buddhism and are given papanca but not core doctrine.

the pali canon is clear as is abhidhama on all of what has been written.

many buddhists dont believe what buddha taught to his arahants in the scripts.this is to poor education.many learned buddhists dont know what baudha actually teaches.so papanca is given.the teachings of baudha are VERY simple to understand.

many buddhists actually have hindu or new age doctrines.this isnt what dhamma taught

we must teach what buddhism teaches.we must make our religion clear.too many baudha dont know buddhism.they follow other relgiions and they dotn realize core ideas wich are wrong view and hinder enligthenment,wich is complete total extinction without a trace in any form

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