Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

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A common greeting - here is one from Helena Blavatsky - in 1890:
A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! This seems easy enough to say, and
everyone expects some such greeting. Yet, whether the wish, though it
may proceed from a sincere heart, is likely to be realized even in the case
of the few—is more difficult to decide. According to our theosophical
tenets, every man or woman is endowed, more or less, with a magnetic
potentiality, which when helped by a sincere, and especially by an
intense and indomitable will—is the most effective of magic levers
placed by Nature in human hands—for woe as for weal. Let us then,
Theosophists, use that will to send a sincere greeting and a wish of good
luck for the New Year to every living creature under the sun—enemies
and relentless traducers included. Let us try and feel especially kindly
and forgiving to our foes and persecutors, honest or dishonest, lest some
of us should send unconsciously an “evil eye” greeting instead of a
May all seek, find and follow the Path of Buddhas.

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Re: Happy New Year

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